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This is a First Level required course.

  • What is baptism?

  • Where did it come from?

  • Who has the authority to administer it?

  • What is the proper mode for baptism?

  • What does it accomplish?

  • These and other questions will be addressed in this course.

  • The Baptism course is worth 1 credit.

  • TESTING:  Make sure you read the testing instructions if you have not already done so.  All section tests are open book, which means you can use your textbook while taking the test.  The Final Test is a closed book test, which means you can not use your textbook or any other material, nor can you have anyone help you in any way with the test.  It must be taken from memory alone.  The terms of a closed book test are explained on the Closed Book Test Contract Form which must be submitted prior to taking the Final Test in order to obtain the password for the test.
      If you fail a test, you MAY NOT attempt that test again on the same day.  You must restudy the textbook/workbook and find all of the correct answers to the questions missed and then retake the test no sooner than the next day.
    - Name entry on tests:  Students are required to use proper letter-case when inputting their names on all submissions to the college.  Example: If your name is John Smith, then input John Smith, not john smith or JOHN SMITH.  If you do not use proper letter-case when you input your name on a test, then the test will be Disallowed and discarded.

  • RESULTS PAGE of tests:  Sometimes tests do not submit properly.  This can be due to a glitch in the test, a problem with your computer, or an Internet problem.  Therefore, students are required to save a copy of the Results Page of every test that they take.  This is necessary so that if a test does not submit properly the student will have a copy of the Results page to submit to us upon our request.  (Do NOT send it unless we request that you do so.)  The copy of the Results Page can then be placed in your academic file in lieu of the actual test.
    You can click HERE for instructions for saving a copy of the Results Page to your computer.  You may want to print out a copy of those instructions or else you can save an electronic copy to your computer.

  • Study Instructions:
        Required minimum Attendance for the course is 8 weeks.
        Required minimum Attendance per Lesson is 1 week.
    Download and print out a copy of the required Course Record form on which you will record the minimum attendance and other information for this course.  You will need this information for later forms.
    2. Please submit a Begin Sign In form to officially begin your attendance for this course.

    3. You must look up, in your KJV Bible, all scriptures referenced in this study.  This is to include all scriptures that may be wholly or partially quoted in the textbook and/or in the auxiliary reading textbook.  Reading them as quoted in either of the two textbooks will not fulfill this requirement.  The scriptures must be looked up and read in the KJV Bible in order to fulfill this requirement in this and all other courses studied with our online college.

    NOTE: To avoid any confusion on the attendance/study/testing requirements
    for this course, please read and make a note of the following!

    Student may not complete more than one section of the textbook
    in any one week period and must look up every scripture
    referenced in it in the King James Bible.  Reading scriptures
    quoted in the textbook will not fulfill the "look up every
    scripture referenced" requirement.  Scriptures must be
    looked up and read from the KJV Bible even if the
    scripture is wholly quoted in the textbook.

    Student may NOT turn in tests at less than 1 week, that is 7 day,
    intervals.  Tests are to be submitted on or after the 7th day after
    the day the student has passed the previous test in the course.
    The 7 day period required between tests begins the day after
    passing a test and not on the day the test was passed.  If
    you begin a lesson on Sunday, then you may take the
    test for that lesson on or after the next Saturday.
    Then you begin your next lesson on the day
    after you pass the test which, if you adhere
    to this schedule, means you begin your
    next lesson, again, on Sunday  and
    take the test for it on or after
    the following Saturday.

    Any tests turned in before the 7 day period has elapsed
    will be disallowed and discarded and the student
    will have to repeat the test at the proper time.

    All tests are "open book" tests.  Because they are "open
    book" tests, then the answers must be the exact
    wording of the textbook or the KJV Bible,
    whichever is appropriate.


  • 4. Read the textbooks.
           Both books are required reading.

    The main textbook is: Questions Concerning Baptism by Dr. James Wilkins.
       This textbook is in pdf format.
         You will finish this textbook one Lesson per week and return to this page to take the
             corresponding Lesson Tests which are listed under point #5 below.
     The following required reading book is given in three different file formats.
     Download in the format you prefer.
        The pdf is quite large.  The Kindle and the epub are the smallest file.
        However, the pdf file is recommended because it is the most accurate to the Original.

      The Star Book On Christian Baptism by E.T. Hiscox (pdf format)

        The book is available as a smaller download file in the following reader formats.
     As with most reader files, there will be some spelling and formatting mistakes due to the conversion process.
     The Star Book On Christian Baptism (Kindle format)
          You can open the Kindle file with a Free Kindle Reader.
                Click the name to download the free program to read Kindle files.
           1. Once the Kindle reader is installed on your computer, click the title of the book in Kindle format.
           2. To open and read: Click "Open" when asked and the book should open automatically for reading.
           3. If you want to download the book to your computer so you can read it later:
               Click Save when asked and save the file to a location where you can easily access it.
               Whenever you want to read the book, access the file and Open it for reading.
       The Star Book On Christian Baptism (epub Adobe Digital Editions format)
     This copy is not recommended because of the multitude of formatting and spelling mistakes
                commonly caused by the conversion process.
To open this edition you will need the free Adobe Digital Editions reader.
              1. Click the name to go to the Adobe site, then click "Download now" to download the reader.
After you have downloaded the reader, then return here and click on the name of the epub format book.
              3. Click Save when asked.
              4. After download, if you are given the window with the button Open Folder, then click that button.
                   Otherwise manually open the folder where you saved the file.
                   Then right click the name of the file to drop down a menu..
              5. Click Open With and select Adobe Digital Editions

       You can also simply read it online at:

     This book is to be read in its entirety during your attendance in this course.
         It must be completed before you can take Test #8 at the end of this course.

  • 5. After each lesson in the main textbook, return to this page and click the link in the boxes below to access the appropriate Lesson Test.

     Once you have completed all sections of the textbook and passed all of the corresponding tests, and found the correct answers to any questions missed on all of those tests, then you must submit a Finish Sign In form and a  Closed Book Test Contract Form.  After you have submitted those forms you will receive the Password and, upon receiving the Password, you may take the Final Test for the course.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have met all requirements (attendance, passing grades on all Lesson tests, etc.) for the course before taking the Final Test.  If you have not met all requirements, your Final Test will be disallowed, declared void, and will not be credited to your file.
    Once you pass the final test do not take it again.
    If you fail the final test then you need to restudy both the textbook and/or the KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate, and all of the section tests, and then retake the final test on or after the next day. Repeat this process until you pass the Final Test.
    If you miss any questions on the Final Test, whether you pass it or not, then you need to review the textbook and/or the KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate, and all of the section tests and find the correct answers to the questions you missed.  This is a requirement of this and all other courses.  Copies of all tests were automatically sent to you.  You may use the correct answers, which are on all test copies, for reference to verify that you have found the correct answers in the study materials.

    ATTENTION: If you have not already done so, please submit a  Finish Sign In form before proceeding to retrieve the password and take the Final Test.

    Before proceeding to the Final Test, you must
    read and submit a Closed Book Test Contract Form,
    if you have not previously done so for this course.  This
    form is required to obtain the Password for the Final Test.


    Final test is "closed book" i.e., you may not use any
    study materials while taking the final test; nor may
    you have anyone assist you in any manner.