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This page is
ONLY for those who want to
take courses
For Credit toward a degree.

If you want to MONITOR ONLY
 (not for credit toward a degree)
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All study materials, tuition, and final graduation
when you earn your degree are FREE!


The only fee charged is an Administrative Fee
of $15.00/month USD for students in the USA,
Canada, the UK, and other first-world countries.
Click HERE for list of affected countries.
Fee Waiver Forms are available for those students
for whom this fee would be a financial hardship.
We do not want anyone to feel that they cannot
study God's Word because of finances.  We
will gladly waive the Administrative Fee
for anyone, anywhere, who feels it is a
financial burden.  This fee is only to
facilitate the keeping of academic
records for all students seeking a
college degree.  Only those who
can afford the fee are asked to
pay it so that the college
courses can be offered
completely free to
everyone who
wants to study
God's Word. 

We encourage those students all over the world, from
every country, for whom it is not a burden, to pay
the Administrative Fee if possible.  It is a small
kindness that will be used to help those who
cannot afford the fee, to keep learning the
Word of God through our free courses and
to help them to earn a college degree
which otherwise would not be
available to them.

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This tutorial will walk you through,
step by step, concerning how
to submit an Application and then
how to begin your first course.

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God's message to all of
His children and especially to
students of His Word!

II Tim 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

You cannot properly serve God if
you do not properly know Him
and His Word - Dr. VBK

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Regular Course of Study

Before proceeding to take any of
our courses for credit through the
Regular Course of Study, please
click on the link to the Tutorial at
the top of the column to the right.
The Tutorial will guide you through
all of the procedures you need
to follow for taking free courses
from us to earn your degree.
Once you proceed via the Tutorial,
and submit your Application from
it, you will proceed from that point
on SOLELY through the "SLBC
Moodle" site.  You cannot submit
any further work from this current
site.  If you do, it will not be added
to your academic file. 

Doc Van


Special Course of Study
Must be approved in advance.

If you are studying at an advanced
level or if you only want to earn a few
credits to transfer somewhere else,

please click HERE.

Once you have arranged to take
a Special Course of Study, please
go through this
to submit your Application and
other forms before proceeding
to your courses.

First Level Courses
Required for all new "Special
Course of Study" students.

Second Level Courses

Third Level Courses

Fourth Level Courses


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