The Women of Exodus


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Wife of Eleazar
The nameless wife of the Priest.

 Instructions:  Remember that you are to read every scripture referenced in this and all other studies in your KJV Bible.  And that requirement includes whole chapters that are referenced.


 This unnamed woman was the daughter of Putiel and wife of Eleazar.  (Ex 6:25)



She was faithful in her duties as a wife and mother.


She bore Phinehas to Eleazar. (Ex 6:25)
She helped raise a zealously godly son. (Num 25:7-11; Ps 106:28-31)














Her progeny was blessed by God.


Through the godly son Phinehas that she raised along with Aaron, her family was blessed by God for generations to come with a covenant of peace and the promise of the continuance of the priesthood in their family.  (Num 25:12-13)

B. In I Chr 24:4 we find that the families through the zealous son Phinehas numbered twice that of those descended from the other line of descendants through Eleazar's brother Ithamar. This was but one account in accord with the promise given to Eleazar and his wife.
C. David also made Zadok, one of her later descendents through Phinehas, ruler over all of the descendants of Aaron during his time. This was also in accord with the promise.
D. The sons of Zadok, her descendants in the time of Ezekiel, were chosen out of all of the Levites to be priest's within God's Sanctuary. The rest of the Levites could only serve without because of their earlier idolatry. (Ezekiel ch. 44 & 48:11)


From her came Phinehas, a notably zealous servant of God.


Her son, Phinehas, led the armies of God and fought and won battles for Him.  (Num 31:6)


Her son was also a troubleshooter for God.  (Josh 22:10-34)


Notable progeny of the wife of Eleazar.


Phinehas, who gained the promise of peace and the continuation of the priesthood in their family.


Zadok, the High Priest under the reign of David who anointed David's son Solomon to be the next king after David.  (I Kings 1:39)


Ahimaaz, son of Zadok, who was a spy/courier for David during the rebellion of Absalom who helped David regain his throne.  (II Sam 15:32-36)  This in peril of his life.
   (II Sam 17:17-21)


Azariah, great-great-grandson of Zadok, became the High Priest of Solomon's Temple.
   (I Chr 6:10; II Chr 31:10-13)


Amariah, chief Priest during the time of Jehoshaphat.  (II Chr 19:11) 


Hilkiah, several generations later, was the High Priest that rescued the "book of the law," the Bible of that time, in the Temple of God in Jerusalem and brought it to the King, Josiah. (II Chr 34:14-19)  This started the cleansing of the nation of Judah and initiated the greatest Passover ever kept in Israel since the days of Samuel.  (II Chr 35:1-19)


Seraiah, High Priest that was taken to Babylon and slain by Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon when Judah entered into the Babylonian captivity.  (II Ki 25:18-21)


Ezra the priest and scribe, human writer of the book of Ezra, who led the people when they came out of Babylon.  (Ezra 7:5, 6, 11; Neh 12:26)


1. From the life of the wife of Eleazar we can learn first of all that whether one is in the limelight or not makes absolutely no difference. The plan of God is like a great chain. For a chain to be effective it is necessary that every link be there and does its job as a link. Each link is just as important as every other link because without any one of them the chain is broken and useless. A good example would be the anchor chain that connects the anchor to the ship to keep the ship properly anchored in one spot. Which is more important, the links in the chain that are above the water and easily seen or the links that are below the water and thus completely out of sight? The obvious answer is that ALL of the links are equally important. Each link must fulfill its purpose in order for the chain to be unbroken and for the ship to remain properly anchored.
    When a person, such as the wife of Eleazar, fulfils exactly the job that God has given them, then God's plan progresses exactly as He planned it. His chain remains unbroken and his purpose is fulfilled. Therefore, whether one is in the limelight or not makes absolutely no difference.

2. We also learn from this woman that it is not the quantity of your service to God that counts, but the quality. As far as we can tell, Eleazar's wife bore him only one child, Phinehas; and yet from this one child came God's blessing upon her family from her time on down through many generations. Her quality of service to God in helping to raise this one godly zealous son allowed the chain of God to continue unbroken generation after generation producing High Priests of the Aaronic line as He had promised to her father-in-law Aaron in Ex 29:9.

3. Thirdly we can learn from her life that what is said about a person is not as important as the results of the person's life. Their life is not an end but the beginning of everything that perpetuates from what they start while they are here on earth, both positive and negative; and in the case of Eleazar' s wife it was positive. Doing her part as a link in the chain of God saved the entire nation from the righteous wrath of God at least twice. Once during her time and once generations later. The latter through her descendant, Hilkiah, who found the book of the Law and returned it to the people. Through this chain stretching from her through Hilkiah, Josiah the King and the entire nation was again turned back to God and spared His wrath many generations after her death. I shudder to think what would have happened if she had not done her part as a silent link in the chain of God and helped teach her one and only son to not only be godly but even more than that to be very zealous about serving his God!

4. Another important result of her life was that God even gave a part of His Word through her descendant Ezra many generations after her death.

5. Finally we learn from her that our actions, good or bad, affect not only everyone around us but also a multitude of people for generations to come. In her case, her godly actions brought forth God's promise and blessing upon a multitude of her descendants who were involved in Priestly service and important events integrally tied to the nation of Israel and through them to the entire world including the offspring of Judaism, Christianity, and thus on down to us today.


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