The Women of Exodus


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Jochebed, The Mother of Moses
The Protective Mother


I. She and her husband, Amram, were both Levites. (Ex 2:1; 6:16, 18)
II. She was her husbandís aunt. (:20)


 She was the daughter of Levi; and Kohath her brother was the father of Amram her husband.


 She was born to Levi but probably by a different wife than the mother of Kohath her husbandís father.  If this was so, then Kohath would have been her half-brother. (Num 26:59)  But this possibility is just speculation.
III. She protected her son, Moses. (Ex 2:1-4)
    This she did at the peril of her life.  To disobey Pharaoh and hide her son could have brought prison or the death penalty.
IV. She was even willing to give him up for his good. (:5-10)

A. She gave her son away to save his life.  (:1-6)
B. The Lord gave him back to her to care for until he was weaned.  (:7-10)
And the Lord even took care of Jochebed as she nursed the child for Pharaoh's daughter by having Pharaoh's daughter pay her for nursing the child.  God takes care of those who live according to His will.

Summary- Jochebed gives us the example of the protective mother. She not only protected him by keeping him with her but she also protected him by sending him away. A godly mother will do anything to protect her child.  And she will do so even at the peril of her own life, as Jochebed did in protecting her child Moses from the Pharaoh's edict.  Her disobedience could have easily cost her prison or even her life.  But God's protection was upon her.

    This lesson is so very timely for today when more than fifty million babies have been murdered in the womb BY THEIR OWN MOTHERS in four short decades. And that's just in the USA alone!  Worldwide it is more than 1/2 of a billion- and that figures out to be 1 out of every 24 people murdered by abortion when computed from the total current population of 6.2 billion plus the common estimate of 6 billion people that have lived on planet earth in all of previous history, giving a total of a bit over 12 billion.  The result of this ungodly slaughter in the womb, usually by their own parents, is that many countries are now facing a population crisis with more people dying than are being replaced with new births and it is causing immense problems in those countries- financial ones not being the least of those.  Humanity did not follow the lesson taught by God in the story of Jochebed and others in the Bible nor did they learn from simple logic, that they are killing their own nations by killing their own children.  They are reaping what they sow.

    It should be required that the lesson of Jochebed be taught to all young men and women. For the women, to teach them Godís requirements of a mother; for the men, to teach them what they should require of a wife or a prospective wife. For a man to take a wife that had already murdered a baby by abortion would cause him to always wonder if she would do it again- to his baby.  And if she will do it in the womb, then how could he ever trust her to not do it out of the womb.  The only difference between murder by abortion and murder of the child after birth is time and place.
    In addition we must remember that for every baby aborted, there was both a woman and a man involved in the conception of that human being.  When the baby in the womb becomes an inconvenience, in most cases, the man agrees with the woman that the baby should be killed.  And in far too many cases it is the man who pays to have the baby murdered by the abortionist doctors and even talks the woman into having the dastardly deed done.

1. A word of caution. If a woman who has had an abortion has truly asked God to forgive her for what she did to here own child, then He has, and the husband or prospective husband should put such fears aside because the woman is a new creature in Christ.  The problem is, he should, but the question is, can he?  This scenario, of course, concerns a woman who had the abortion before being saved.
2. The chances are that if a woman has had an abortion it was before she was saved.
    I refuse to believe that a Christian woman could premeditate the murder of her child in such a manner unless she was totally backslidden beyond comprehension. More than likely, however, she was not backslidden but unsaved. In that case, she needs to get saved and then ask God to forgive her for the murder of her unborn child and He will do just that.  He forgives it at her salvation but she needs to ask in order for her to have closure in the matter and assurance that she has been forgiven for the murder of her unborn child.  And if she was saved at the time of the abortion and because of some unthinkable circumstances she committed that unthinkable crime against her own child, and that is a possibility, then she needs to repent, go to God, and put the crime under the blood of Christ.
    I realize that a substantial percentage of women who have abortions CLAIM to be Christians; but, in truth they are merely religious. Even at that they are only religious when it is convenient and then they commit such an unthinkable act as to kill their own unborn baby when that becomes convenient.  In those cases, both the baby and their religion become an inconvenience and are conveniently set aside.
3. There may be a rare case where a saved woman has an abortion; but that would only happen through extraordinary circumstances.
4. The norm that is expected of a mother, according to Godís Word, is to be as loving and protective as Jochebed. And in the overwhelmingly large percentage of our society, which has become a flagrantly adulterous and fornicating segment of todayís society, Jochebed would be the exception rather than the rule. And the scriptures tell us that God will hold not only them but also us accountable as a nation.  Them, for what they do in our society; and us, for what we allow in our society!  The Jochebeds of today who nurture and protect their children are those that are trying to preserve not only their children, but also our nation as she did hers. The murderous Jezebels (whom we will study later) on the other hand, are those who are premeditating and carrying out the murder of their children and, in addition, knowingly or unknowingly, destroying our nation!
5. And this is applicable to anyone in any nation that perpetrates or allows premeditated murder of the unborn under the euphemistic name of abortion.  They all have their Jochebeds and their Jezebels- the preservers and the destroyers of both children and nation. The perpetrators, the Jezebels, and the nation that allows them, are both shedders of innocent blood (read Deut 19:10; Ps 106:38; Prov 6:16-17). And their Jochabeds are preservers of both life and nation.  Or at least they are attempting to be so.  But in today's society they generally are ridiculed and ostracized for their attempts at godly motherhood.


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