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Eternal Security   

   This course is designed to refute and assure.  To refute the heresies surrounding the doctrine of Eternal Security and assure the student that his Salvation through Christ and his destination because of Christ are eternally secure.  The course will guide the student through the bedrock biblical proofs and refutations surrounding this question- "Is the believer secure in Christ?"

     The question will be studied in 6 chapters of the textbook by Dr. Bonner

bullet Introduction
bullet Chapter One - What is Salvation, According to the Bible
bullet Chapter Two - What Happens When A Christian Does Sin
bullet Chapter Three - Does Good Works Or Baptism Save A Soul
bullet Chapter Four - Argumentation and Reasoning's
bullet Chapter Five - What Would Happen If A Christian Could Lose Their Salvation
bullet Chapter Six - Additional Scripture Verses Showing Eternal Security
bullet Summary

    Although there are only six chapters in the textbook there are eight sections of study when we include the Introduction and the Summary.

  • STUDY:  Study only one section of the textbook at a time.  The link to the textbook is at the bottom of this page.  Take the section test at the end of each section.  You may not proceed to the next section until you pass the test for the current section and have looked up the correct answer in the textbook for every question missed on the current section test.  Your attendance for the next section begins the day after you pass the test for the current section.
    One week of attendance per section.
    (Equivalent to one hour of study.) Some sections may take more than one week to complete.
    Minimum suggested attendance overall for the entire course is 10-11 weeks even though there are only eight sections.  This is to give you ample time for those sections that may take more than one week to complete.

    If you proceed faster than the suggested pace, then you will not retain the information in the text.
  • TESTING:    The section tests should be taken on or after the 7th day of the suggested required week of study per section.
    Once you have completed all sections of the textbook and passed all of the corresponding tests, and found the correct answers to any questions missed on each test, then you will need to retrieve the Password and, upon receiving the Password, take the Final Test for the course.
    If you miss any questions on the Final Test, even though you receive a passing score, you should review the textbook and all of the section tests and find the correct answers to the questions you missed.  This will help you get the most out of the course.
  • We do not keep records for students who are Monitoring Only.  If you want to keep track of your own progress through the course, you can download and print the COURSE RECORD FORM.  On it you can keep a record of all pertinent information on such as date and score for each test so that you will be able to keep track of your progress through the course.

  • TEXTBOOK: You may now go to the textbook and begin your study of the doctrine of Eternal Security.
       The textbook is offered in two different formats; both have active links to the tests.
    1. You may now click
    HERE to go to the textbook in html (webpage) format.
    2. Or, you may now click
    HERE to go to the textbook in pdf format.

  • Final Test Instructions
    After you have completed all of the requirements for this course, you will need to return to this page and retrieve the Password and take the Final Test.

    Before attempting to take the Final Test, you need to submit the Retrieve Password form below.

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    You must have this password to gain access to the Final Test.

    Once you have obtained the Password,
    you may proceed to the Final Test.

    Final test is "open book" i.e., you may use your
    textbook and workbook while taking the final test.