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Monitoring Only
Cannot be credited toward a degree or certificate.


the doctrine of

         This course will give you an understanding of the history of the Church.  You will study its beginnings, who started it, when it was started, what is it, where did it come from, and its history from its inception down to today.


       Textbook: Ecclesiology by Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk
         You will read this textbook and return to this current page to take the Lesson tests.


  • The textbook is divided into eight sections. Not more than one section should be completed each week unless instructed differently in the textbook for specific sections.  At the end of each section you will stop and take the Section Test that corresponds with the section you just finished studying.  All Section Tests are “open book,” which means you may use your textbook while taking the tests.

  • Attendance:
    - Attendance for this course is seven (7) weeks.
    Attendance for each lesson in this course is one (1) week.

  • We do NOT keep any records for students who are Monitoring Only.  Therefore, if you want to keep track of your progress you may download and print out a copy of the Course Record Form on which you can record the information for this course.

  • References: As in all textbooks, look up in your KJV all of the scriptures referenced in the textbook.

  • After completing a test:
    If you failed the test then you should give one day to restudy that entire section and then retake the test. Repeat this process until you finally pass the test.  You cannot go on to the next section until you have passed the test for the current one.  That means that you cannot read the entire text and then come back and take all of the tests at once.  You should study one section of the text, or two sections if allowed by specific instructions in the textbook, and then take and pass the test for that section or sections before going on to study the next section.  The next section is to be started the day after passing the previous section test.

    If you missed
    any of the questions on any test, even though you may have passed it, then you should review the section corresponding to that test and look up the correct answers to any questions answered incorrectly.  Once you have found all of the correct answers, then you will continue on to the next section of the textbook.

    Once you have completed all sections of the textbook and passed all of the corresponding tests, and found the correct answers to any questions missed on any test, then you may retrieve your Password and, upon receiving the Password, take the Final Test for the course.
    - Final Test is "open book."
    -  If you fail the final test then you need to give one day to restudy the textbook, all of the section tests, and your KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate, and then retake the final test on the next day. Repeat this process until you pass the Final Test.
    If you miss any questions on the Final Test, even though you passed it, then you should review the textbook and all of the section tests and your KJV Bible, whichever ones are appropriate, and find the correct answers in the textbook to the questions you missed.  A copy of each of your section tests was sent to you and they will have all of the correct answers on it for comparison purposes to make sure you have found the correct answer in the textbook.  Following this process will afford you the best opportunity to gain the most from your study of this course.

You may now proceed to the textbook, ECCLESIOLOGY.
Return to this page to access the section tests and the Final Test.

   There will be links in the textbook which will return you to this page to take your section tests.
These are the links to the tests: 
1  2  3  4&5  6  7&8

Click the words or the picture below to retrieve the password for this course.


You must have the password to gain access to the Final Test.

Final test is "open book" i.e., you may use your
textbook/workbook while taking the final test.