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Monitoring Only
Cannot be credited toward a degree or certificate.



MORMONISM I. - The Changing World of Mormonism
   In this course you will learn about the changing world of Mormonism.  In it you will study the changing face that Mormonism presents to the world as it pertains to Mormon Doctrine and Practice.  You will study their new slant on such topics as polygamy, the LDS "Church" as the "only true church," suppression of books, including burning anti-Mormon books, surreptitious changes in their own literature to reflect current teaching that are in direct contradiction to older more traditional Mormon teachings, changes in "revelation," the Priesthood, and some historical research into the life of Joseph Smith.  These and many other topics will be touched upon as concerning changes, almost always unannounced, in basic Mormon Doctrine and Practice.  (3 credits)

SCRIPTURES QUOTED IN THIS STUDY: Student must look up EVERY scripture reference in this study in their King James Bible unless otherwise instructed.  That includes all of those scriptures that are partially or wholly quoted in the textbook. This is a requirement for the course.


  • STUDY:  Study only one section of the textbook at a time looking up every scripture referenced in the text, including those scriptures that are partially or wholly quoted in the text, in your King James Bible unless you are specifically instructed otherwise for certain references.  Exceptions, if there are any, are usually long whole chapter or whole book references.  Then take the section test at the end of each section.  You may not proceed to the next section until you pass the test for the current section and have looked up the correct answers in your textbook and/or the King James Bible, whichever is appropriate, for every question answered incorrectly on the test.  Your attendance requirement for the next section begins the day after you pass the test for the current section and carried out the correct answer lookup procedure.

  • We do NOT keep any records for students who are Monitoring Only.  Therefore, if you want to keep track of your progress you may download and print out a copy of the Course Record Form on which you can record the information for this course.

    Attendance for each individual lesson in the course is 1 week per lesson
    .  The first lesson/section includes everything up to the end of the first chapter. You may not go on to study the next section of the text until the day after you have passed the test for the current section.
    Attendance for the entire course is 24 weeks.

       Return to this page at the end of each lesson to access the Section Tests and when you have finished the course return to this page to access the Final Test.

    Section Tests:
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23

       ATTENTION:  If you fail a test, you should NOT attempt that test again on the same day.  You should restudy that section in the textbook and find all of the correct answers to the questions missed and then retake the test no sooner than the next day.

  • You may now proceed to the textbook:
    Remember to return to this page to access the Section Tests and also for the Final Test.

    TEXTBOOK ACCESS (large):  For downloading to your computer, click this link: The Changing World of Mormonism (pdf)  This is a very large file, (18 Meg) and if you do not have high-speed internet you will have trouble downloading this file because it will take an inordinate amount of time to do so.  In that case, please go to the Alternate Access which is listed below.
    ALTERNATE ACCESS (small): If you have trouble downloading the large pdf copy for printing or reading on your computer because of its size, please access it in html format direct from the Tanner's website.  From there you will be able to access it in small sections which will be faster to download.
    Direct link to the textbook in html on the Tanner's website:

    • You will also find a lot of other good material concerning the Mormon church on that website.

    • Here is the direct link to the Tanner's website:

  • Final Test:
    Read Appendix A and Appendix B in the textbook before taking the Final Test.
    Final Test is open book and you will need to return to this page when you have finished all of the lesson sections and passed the Section Tests.  Click the words or the graphic below this line to retrieve the Password for the test.
        If you fail the Final Test you should look up the answer to every question missed on it and retake the test on or after the next day.
        If you pass the Final Test you should look up the answer to every question missed on it.  You will have a copy of the test that was automatically sent to you for comparison purposes to assure you that you have found the correct answers in the textbook or in the KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate for the question.  This process will afford you the best opportunity to gain the most from your study of this course.

    You should not take the Final Test until you have found all of the correct answers in the textbook for every question missed on the Section Tests, even though you passed them.

(click on words or picture)

You must have this password to gain access to the Final Test.

Final test is "open book" i.e., you may use your
textbook and workbook while taking the final test.