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In this course we will continue our study of systematic study of God's Word using a textbook written by one of the premier theologians and writers of his day, A. H. Strong, the writer of the foundational work, Strong's Concordance of the Bible.

Prerequisite courses: Salvation, Eternal Security, Bible Doctrines, The Church, and The Bible and also the Second Year courses on The Millenium and Systematic Theology I., must be successfully completed before taking the Systematic Theology II course.

The textbook for this course is:

by Augustus Hopkins Strong


The textbook, written by A. H. Strong, is a classic work on Systematic Theology published in 1886.

This textbook "is an enlarged and amended edition of the author's "Lectures on Theology," printed in 1876 for the use of students in the Rochester Theological Seminary.  The author's aim has been not so much the writing of a theology for theologians as the construction of a hand-book for the use of students for the ministry."

This course is required for all students.

  • Minimum required attendance for each lesson in this course is 3 weeks.
          Student must give a minimum of 1 hour of study per week for a total of 3 hours of study in the 3 week period required for each lesson in the course. Student can, if their personal schedule necessitates it, disperse the 3 hours of required study in any way they must throughout the 3 week period required for each lesson.  However, it is not recommended that they try to study for 3 hours at one setting because of the depth of the material.  To study for such an extended length of time at one setting will almost surely cause mental fatigue and preclude the possibility that the student will adequately absorb the material studied.  Therefore, it is recommended that the student spread the 3 hours of required study per lesson over at least 2, if not 3 or more, separate sessions.

  • Minimum required attendance for this course overall is 28 weeks.

  • Course is worth 3.5 credits.  Although student can meet the required 3 weeks study per lesson in 24 weeks, 4 extra weeks have been included in the attendance requirement to give ample time for several of the lessons which will take more than 3 hours of study and for review of the material before taking the Final Test, making 28 weeks the minimum required attendance for the course overall.  Therefore, students may not request the Password for the Final Test until the last day of the 28th week of attendance and the Final Test cannot be taken any sooner than the first day of the 29th week.

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Intro Materials
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This large file may take an inordinate amount of time to download if you do not have high-speed Internet.

TESTS:  All tests are Closed Book Tests and require a Closed Book Test Contract form to retrieve the password.
Tests are not to be taken at less than 3 week intervals so student can meet the 3 week minimum attendance and 3 hours of study per lesson required for each lesson in the course.

Lesson 1 Test Lesson 2 Test Lesson 3 Test Lesson 4 Test
Lesson 5 Test Lesson 6 Test Lesson 7 Test Lesson 8 Test


Click HERE to submit your Finish Sign In form for this course before taking the Final Test.  Student will NOT receive the password for the Final Test by submitting this form.  It is only for attendance purposes.  To receive the password you will need to submit the Closed Book Test Contract form accessed through the following link.

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Passing score is 100%.
Final test is "closed book."  You may NOT use your
study materials nor may you have anyone assist you
while taking the final test.  It must be done from
memory alone.