(This is the parent organization that funds SLBC.)                                                





Some of our students have expressed the desire to purchase SLBC logo merchandise.  Although we are a free college, the bills, of course, have to be paid somehow.  We trust the Lord to supply but we also know that He supplies through people.  Therefore, after prayer and consideration we have decided that merchandise is one way that God will supply some amount of the financing needed to carry out this ministry.

A small markup will be added to the cost of each article sold through this store.  The entire amount of the markup will go into the general fund of the Foundation for Biblical Studies which is the foundation that has been set up to obtain financing for the online Bible College.

If you would like to make a straightforward donation to help finance the online college, you may do so through the donation link to the Foundation that is located on the top-right corner of this and all other main pages of the college website.

However, should you decide to help the college finances through purchasing some college logo merchandise, books, or other merchandise offered, then you may click the store link at the bottom of this page.