Salt Lake Bible College

Sign In Form - Finish Attendance

If you were issued a User Name and a Password, then  DO NOT USE THE FORMS BELOW!
If you were issued a User Name and Password, you are registered with our SLBC Records site
and you must submit ALL WORK and FORMS through that site ONLY.
The SLBC Moodle site is at

   Use this form only when you finish the entire course and are ready to take the Final Test.

   Do not submit this form if you have not met the minimum attendance requirement as stated on the course main page.  Also, that number is recorded on the Course Record Form that you were instructed to download and keep up to date with all pertinent information about this course.  In addition, the requirement is listed in the gold box on the Finish Sign In form itself.

   Do NOT use this form when you begin a course.  Instead you must submit a Sign In to Begin form.  Access that form by clicking the name.

   These two forms, Begin Sign In and Finish Sign In, allow us to keep track of attendance for those of you who are taking classes for credit and each is to be submitted only once and each at the proper time.

ATTENTION- multiple Sign In forms:  Please do not submit more than one sign in form when you "Begin" a course and one sign in form when you "Finish" that course and are ready to take the Final Test.

All fields are required and they must be filled out correctly and completely.
Our sign-in system is automated.  If you don't enter your complete and correct email address, then there is no way we can contact you or file this form!


1. DO NOT use nicknames.  Use only your legal name on all forms submitted to SLBC.
  The name you use on this form must match the name you gave on your Application form.
   Use proper capitalization of the first letter of your First and Last names.
2. Use only the email address you used on your Application form.
    If you have changed email addresses then you MUST indicate both the old and the new email addresses
 in the spaces provided on the form and submit a Change of Email form in addition to this sign in form if you have not already done so.
3. Failure to meet either of these two criteria will result in the form being "disallowed" for incorrect information.
    If that happens then you will have to submit an "amended" form and your attendance for the course will not start until that "amended" form has been submitted.  This would result in a delay in your eligibility to begin the course.


ATTENTION: You will not receive the Password by submitting this form.  This form is for attendance only.

If you do not receive both a confirmation page and then later an autoresponder email verifying that we have received this form, then please contact the college through the Contact Us form.