If you were issued a User Name and a Password, then  DO NOT USE THE FORM LISTED BELOW!
If you were issued a User Name and Password, you are registered with our SLBC Records site
and you must submit ALL WORK and FORMS through that site ONLY.
The SLBC Moodle site is at

    To change your personal information :
  1. Fill out all the fields in the first section of that form.
  2. Then fill out ONLY the information  that has changed in the fields in the second section (below the red horizontal line).
       Do NOT put old information in those fields- only new information.
       If the information in an individual field has not changed, then leave that field blank.
  3. Do not use this form if all you are changing is your Email Address.
       You may access the
EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGE FORM by clicking the name.

   You may click HERE to access the Change Personal Information form.