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Tent and Indoor Revivals
Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk



   Dr. VanBuskirk is the Administrative Vice President of Salt Lake Baptist College and the president of Salt Lake Bible College, which is a free online college with over 3,000 students in 76 countries around the world.

   In the winter, when school is in session, Doc Van teaches at the college in Salt Lake City; but from early Spring to early Fall he and his wife are on the road holding tent and indoor revivals.

   From the gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska they visit churches with their tent and hold old-fashioned Revival meetings.  Sometimes they hold them indoors, if the church can't find a place for Doc to put up the tent, but most of the time they hold them outdoors under the tent which gives the meetings more of a pioneer, frontier, kind of a feeling.

   Because they bring all of the necessary equipment with them except the land to put the tent on and the chairs to put in the tent, the Tent Meetings are perfect for all churches, big or small.

   The music he brings to the meetings, Doc's own blend of old gospel favorites and new songs composed and arranged by himself, played on the guitar and sung with a country gospel flavor, lends a down-home air to the meetings.  Backing up even the congregational hymns with his guitar, he leads the congregational singing with lively toe-tapping songs of praise to God and Saviour and then easily slides into the slow and beautiful strains of soulful worship for the next song.  From his twenty-five years as a professional musician in the country music field and another twenty-six years playing for the Lord, Doc has developed a unique style of singing, picking, and writing that he teaches at Salt Lake Baptist College to those who seek to serve the Lord in the field of music.  That same music he then brings to the Revivals to prepare the hearts of the people for the preaching of the Word of God.

   Good old preaching caps off each meeting utilizing many object lessons from swords and giants to bleeding crosses and caskets.  Sometimes, when the meeting is under the tent, even a small 3X3 foot sample of Hell itself burns in front of the pulpit as Doc preaches glorious Salvation through Christ that makes descent into that hell an impossibility.  The Hell is only there sometimes, only when under the tent and not when the meeting is held in a church building, but the preaching of Salvation is there everytime.
   At some time or another in every meeting the gospel is presented and at the end of each meeting, an Invitation for Salvation through Christ for the lost and an Invitation of encouragement to a more rich involvement in Service to Christ for the saints, caps off the meeting for that night.  No embarrassment, no pressure, just a loving offer from the Lord directly to the listeners for Salvation and Service.

   Whether a church is running a dozen or four hundred, Doc brings the tent to your town at no charge.  All he asks is a love offering to be taken up each night under the tent.  No set fee, no advance expenses, just the love offerings.

   If you would like to schedule a meeting in your town, indoors or under the tent, please contact Doc at 801-964-0763 or online at and he will schedule a meeting for your town sponsored by your church.  He will even design, print, and send you the flyers if you are not able or don't have the financial resources to make and print your own.  No charge.

   Call and take advantage of this offer from Doc for him to come and be a blessing to your church and the folks in your town.  Let him be a co-labourer with you as you both minister together as co-labourers with the Lord to reach your town and to encourage your members. Together with the Lord you can strive to reach the lost there where God has placed you and to help encourage the members of the church over which the Lord has made you the overseer to have that richer, fuller life that God has for them as they commit to serve the Lord more fervently.



Corpus Christi, Texas under the Tent.
Member of the Corpus church picking along on the banjo.


An indoor meeting in Cranbrook B.C.
Singing a special with the kids from Cranbrook.


Preacher's meeting in Montrose, BC.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Pastor Warneke and guest preachers at the
meeting in SLC, Utah for the two services per
night format.  Doc Van preaches the second service.


Syracuse, KS, tent meeting.

SW Kansas Pastor's Fellowship on Thursday
held under the tent in Syracuse.





Under the tent in Weippe, Idaho.
TentInWeippe.jpg (195631 bytes)   NGHTTENT.JPG (72652 bytes)
Pastor Griffin   -   afternoon kid's meeting  -  guest preacher


Singing with the kids at an indoor meeting in Wapato, WA
WapatoKids.JPG (172714 bytes)


Tooele, Utah under the tent.
TooeleOnTheMainDrag.JPG (167770 bytes)     
The Bensons, missionaries to the Mormons, singing a special.

Portland, Oregon.
Annual Music concert and preaching

On the Rosebud Reservation in
Rosebud, South Dakota.


At the All Tribes Missions Conference on the
Rosebud reservation in Mission, SD.

Missionary Ed Bausell, Doc, and 2 guest preachers.

On the way to an indoor meeting in Palmer, AK.


Meeting in Homer, Alaska.

On the way home from the tour in Alaska.

orangesunset10.jpg (52649 bytes)

Wildlife on top, a Canadian sunrise & a Canadian sunset
in the middle; and on the bottom, a Canadian waving
goodbye to us as we head home.